CB Antenna Areas of Specialization
Areas of Specialization
Antenna design and optimization.  You name a frequency band, and we can build/tailor an
antenna for it.  My concentration is on omni directional "vertically" polarized antennas due to
their superior low angle of radiation (in most cases) over horizontal antennas.

Omni-directional, because I like to talk "everywhere" all the time.

All my antennas are designed to have the following characteristics:
High power handling
Designed with an emphasis on low angle radiation
Utilization of low loss, highly efficient Hi-Q matching
design properties
five eights wave, low loss
half wave tree mount version
5/8 wave tree mounted
Big Hair's basic 1/2 wave
"tree mount" antenna
Big Hair's 1/2 wave
"over" a true quarter
wave antenna
Big Hair's big mama, a 1/2
wave over a 1/2 wave
over another 1/2 wave
phased 55 foot vertical
"Collinear" monster
Big Hair's Full
Wavelength Rectangular
Loop (vertically polarized)
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