Photos Of CB Mobile and Trucker Antennas
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Wilson CB Mobile Antenna Comparison
Trucker CB Antenna
First trucker antenna prototype- Here is an side by side coil
comparison with the Wilson 2000 trucker and a Big Hair
"prototype" trucker antenna
Here is the "mini" 4' 6" trucker version mounted.  What is
interesting, is that the antenna is 6" shorter than the antenna it
replaced (a Wilson 2000), yet the truck driver swears his
transmit/receive range has doubled!  The SWR on channels
1-40 is 1:1, and
less than 1.6 @ 28Mhz!
Mobile CB Antenna
CB Trucker Antenna
Here is a front view of the 4'6" trucker "mini" Big Hair Antenna
mounted.  The antenna is very sturdy, not flimsy as the types
that use stainless steel stingers.  The ensures that the
antenna will not sway and have less signal integrity when
mobile, as in found with other antennas with stainless steel
stingers.  The antenna and coil are also 100% copper for
ultimate efficiency.  Silver plated copper also available.
Here is the full 6' antenna assembly (mast and coil) mounted
with a "Tri-magnet" mount.
Trucker Antennas
Trucker CB Antennas
Another trucker version mounted.
Close-up of another trucker version.
Big Hair CB Mobile Antenna
Hustler CB Antenna
Here is the full 7' antenna assembly (mast and coil), note the
antenna is actually touching the power lines.  Fiberglass adds
to the safety and static noise rejection of the fully insulated RF
transparent fiberglass mast.  A fully insulated antenna also
reduces wind static in a mobile environment.
And here is one very happy customer (known as Hustler 403
on channel 16) modeling a 7.5' version of the Big Hair mobile
Misty Morning and Doc Holiday Antenna
And here is the 6' antenna version mounted with two happy
customers (known as Doc Holiday and Misty Morning on
channel 16)
Photos Of CB Mobile and Trucker Antennas
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