Ham Radio Antennas
Why our antennas are the ultimate choice for DX work:
Our Ham Antennas:

Our Ham Radio Antennas are "efficient" antennas are designed with both high efficiency and ultimate flexibility in mind.  The
antennas are not only highly efficient, they also have a large bandwidth (will cover the "whole" band with under a 2:1 SWR without
retuning), so no antenna tuner is needed.  If desired, they will also cover multi-bands, and will retain or surpass mono band and full
sized vertical performance.

The efficiency and mono band performance is obtained via the same approach as screwdriver mobile antennas, and BigIR/SteppIR
verticals, due to the antennas actually being tuned for only one band at a time, to maintain its mono band performance
characteristics.  The main tuning difference between our antennas and the screwdriver and BigIR/SteppIR verticals, is that our
Efficient Antennas are more easily and quickly tuned to each band via instantaneous pre-tuned and fixated relay switching.  This
makes changing bands even simpler and more instantaneous, for those quick band changing contesting needs.

Our antennas are also designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.  Due to their high efficiency (over 90% on 15-40 meters), they are
great for QRP work due to their efficiency, however they are also the ultimate QRO vertical, due to their high PEP rating of 5000
watts!  They are also very lightweight (10lbs approx), great for portable work due to their easy assembly and disassembly into 5
main pieces, and may be free standing via its only radial tripod, or may mast or tower mounted, or elevated tree mounted, for
minimal troubles/expense.

Our Efficient Antennas are the ultimate DX antennas due to four main characteristics:

  • Their low angle of radiation means longer range

  • Their mono band performance (as its tuned to one band at a time via relays), means both more efficiency and bandwidth

  • "Full" sized (32 feet) non-shortened vertical performance on 15, 18, 20, and 40 meters and 1/8 wavelength on 75/80 meters,
    (on 15 meters its a full 3/4 wavelength, on 18 meters is exactly a 5/8 wavelength, on 20 its a full 1/2 wave end fed vertical, and
    on 40 its a full 1/4 wavelength vertical)

  • The most efficient SWR matching and tuning methods are utilized with the main inductor being hand wound out of "solid" 6
    gauge copper wire or thicker copper or even "silver plated" copper tubing coils and having over a 650 Q factor in conjunction
    to the high quality doorknob capacitors having a Q factor over 1000, means more efficiency and less loss then what any
    commercially available L- or T- match antenna tuner could ever provide.
Here you see the 32' Efficient Antenna elevated for optimum multi-band performance.  It's quite easy to elevate the multi-band vertical with just trees or the side of a
tower due to being lightweight and the rope support mount being correctly balanced on the vertical.  The antenna rope is tied two-thirds down the vertical, which means
you only need a 20' tower and/or trees to elevate the vertical just 10' off the ground to significantly surpass ground mounted vertical antenna performance.
Here is another close up of the 32' vertical, which is a full 3/4 wave on 15 meters, a full 5/8 vertical on 17 meters, a full end fed 1/2 wave vertical on 40 meters, and a
1/8th wave on 75/80 meters.  The antenna is made out of 100% copper (or silver plated copper if wanted) due to its superior performance over aluminum as a RF
conductor.  The first 17' section is a lightweight telescoping fiberglass, and the bottom sections are made out of tough heavyweight fiberglass tubing.  The fiberglass
combo make the antenna believe it or not,  very tough and can be more resilient than using 100% aluminum or even steel!  This is because, the fiberglass combo is
designed to "flex, and work with heavy wind, and then recover, versus fighting against it.  Aluminum and Steel can actually be "too" rigid, which can make them bend or
worse yet break/bend in half.  Steel is of course a very strong metal, however its also quite too heavy.  Due to its own weight being so heavy, a 32' all steel tube could
actually be more vulnerable then this fiberglass combo, due to having to support its own heavy and rigid characteristics under heavy wind.

The antenna is also DC grounded via the coil.  Up to a heavy duty 8 gauge wire is inserted in the middle of the structure, until it exits to connect to the hi-Q solid 6 gauge
"air" insulated copper coil (silver plated coils are available upon request) mounted on the side of the bottom fiberglass section.  The only band were the Hi-Q capacitor
is needed is on 20 meters, needed to perform the most efficient matching of a 1/2 wave end fed vertical.  For the bands where the antenna is a full 3/4 wave, 5/8 wave,
1/4, and 18th wave, the matching is most efficiently done with just the Hi-Q heavy duty inductor.
Efficient Amateur Radio Multi-band Antennas
Our Large (5" in
diameter with 6 gauge
"solid" copper) Hi-Q coil
laying down next to
competitors coils
Mast layed down and
measure (in black color)
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