Big Hair's 5/8th wave antennas
5/8 CB Antenna
5/8 wave Base CB Antenna
5/8th wave (may be mast, tower, or even tree mounted) during a
windy storm. The fiberglass sections are design to have some
flex in the wind, versus fighting against it.  The flex in the
fiberglass is designed to ensure the antenna will withstand high
speed winds, and then retain its natural shape after the winds
have surpassed.
5/8th wave over a half wave during a normal sunny day standing
Big Hair's 5/8 wave CB antenna advantages
For upgraded performance, we now offer "silver-plated" antennas and coils, the only metal that can surpass copper
in low loss highest gain performance!

5/8th wavelength vertical element, over a 1/2 wave horizontal element, helps reduce skip fading for superior skip
talking performance.  You literally transmit on the vertical and flat side at the same time, all the time.

We use much larger and more current handling copper and silver plated copper conductors for the antenna element
and coils, versus the other fiberglass antennas.  The high current and super low loss copper characteristics
surpasses other fiberglass and aluminum antennas.  Copper is the 2nd best RF conductor on earth, being just
underneath Silver.  Silver Plated Wire and Coils can even be used for an additional fee.  Silver is the best conductor on
earth, much more conductive than aluminum, chrome, steel, brass, even gold!  We also have "silver-plated" antennas
and coils/inductors for the absolute best performance.   With RF, your wattage only travels on the surface of the
conductor, so silver plated copper is essentially just as good for performance as 100% silver!

Also has higher dx gain, and a lower angle of radiation than the typical 5/8 wave commercial vertical antennas, due to
the 1/2 wave element underneath the vertical element.  

The 5/8 wave and 1/2 wave combo also provides the right impedance balance, so the amount of inducti-matching
needed is also reduced, which in turn also increases efficiency.

Utilization of large 6-10 gauge high current copper conductors (or larger) with "high voltage" insulation for both the
antenna and the coil matching system, which ensures optimum power transfer, high wattage/current handling
(30,000 watts approx), and low loss/increased transmitting efficiency.

For ultimate efficiency and power handling performance, we also offer "silver-plated" antennas and silver plated

Can be designed so may be installed either "tree-mounted" or "tower mounted", you decide on how you want to
mount it.

Note: Although the CB antenna commercial "Fiberglass"  competitors are using cheap 14-16 gauge wire for the
antenna radiator and coils inside their fiberglass antennas, and although they may have high voltage insulation to
handle a lot of excess heat that such an antenna with small conductors and coils may generate, in my serious
opinion a 14-16 gauge wire is simply too small of a conductor to allocate optimum current transfer needed to radiate
all the "wattage" that may be sent to the antenna and matching system by the coax.  I personally would prefer to
radiate every single watt, instead of just 50%, and allow the remaining 50% to simply be wasted as heat.  The smaller
the conductor, the more the RF resistance, and the "current" capacity is also determined by the "size" or gauge of
the wire itself, not by its insulation.  The insulation simply protects itself from excessive voltage breakdown and heat.  
These are the main reasons why I have chosen to use 8 gauge copper wire (or larger), versus the puny 16 gauge wire
that the commercial fiberglass antennas are normally made out of.  You'll be able to put more power through my 5/8th
wave CB antennas without wasting as much in heat.., which is another reason they are more efficient, have higher
gain, and can handle more power without getting hot.   More of it your wattage will be radiated out to DX land, and not
heat wasted!
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Our 5/8th wave low angle CB antennas- 24feet tall overall
CB Base Antenna
5/8 wave over 1/2 wave
during a high wind storm
5/8 wave over 1/2 wave in
the air
Antenna Coils
An example of a
competitor's (IMAX 2000)
coil matching network
My highly efficient and
Heavy Duty coil inductor
next to the coil found in an
IMAX 2000 antenna.
All antennas are tuned,
and checked for a 1:1
SWR by the reliable MFJ
SWR Antenna Analyzer
My highly efficient Hi-Q
coil, is about 10 times
larger and more efficient
than the IMAX 2000 coil.   
It can also handle 5 times
the power!
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