Highest Gain CB Antenna Made
Finally, a mast mount version of the 11 meter "collinear" CB antenna is available.  No other omni directional CB antenna can come
close to the gain of this antenna.  Typically has 6 db (approx), over any other 5/8 wave antenna.  It is designed to have extra long
range communications, due to its very low angle of radiation.  Highest gain for any omni directional CB antenna made today.  The
collinear pictured is literally "two" (hence double the gain of any 5/8th wave CB antenna made today).  The 5/8th wave antenna
elements vertically phased and stacked on top of each other.  Can often talk 100+ miles locally with this antenna, at 1 wavelength
(approx 36' above ground).  This antenna is made out of a silver plated teflon heavy duty and high guage wire, and a silver plated coil,
to further enhance the gain of this vertical CB antenna.  As far as gain, this omni directional CB antenna can keep up with a 3
element beam in all directions, with very similar gain!
Collinear CB Antennas
Here is a photo of the 50' collinear ground plane.  Can be
mounted on a tower, large mast, or even between two
sturdy and strong tree branches (as shown).
Collinear CB Antenna Pattern:
Pictorial of modeled Collinear, using Antenna NEC Modeling:
Some Insights:
If you take the time, what you'll notice here is that although the collinear CB antenna obviously has the best
low angle gain of any other ground plane or any other omni-directional antenna type, it does have its
drawbacks.  The most obvious drawback is its very narrow E-plane "beamwidth" of only 8 degrees!  Keep in
mind this antenna is truly a 360 degree non-directional antenna, yet has almost 7.5 db gain over a half wave
isotropic antenna!  Where does this gain come from?  Well, the antenna of course must somehow
concentrate the signal to obtain such a high gain figure, but the pattern concentration is solely on the E- (or
vertical) plane, not the 360 degree H-plane, which actually remains unaltered/uneffected.  What happens, is
that only a slice of the E-plane (the low angle slice) is being radiated and there is rejection, but not side or
front-to-rear, but rather high vertical angle rejection (or meaning the high angle of radiation is greatly
attenuated, and the whole signal is being concentrated in the more usable narrow low angle slice).  So this
antenna is great for long distance contacts just as long as the person you're trying to talk to isn't at a "higher"
elevation, and/or you're not surrounded by high buildings, hills, mountains.., as you'll have virtually no "high"
angle of radiation to transmit over such obstacles.  However for skip/dx and for long distance ground wave
propagation, low angle of radiation is more ideal (normally), versus the latter.  It requires no rotor or turning
as its not a beam, yet has 7.5 db of gain over an isotropic 1/2 wave base antenna.
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Introducing the 11 meter Collinear CB Antenna Antenna
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