1/2 Wave CB Antenna
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Antron 99:
Big Hair's basic 1/2 wave dipole "tree mount" antenna, our
most simple antenna that we make.
Benefits of Big Hair's 1/2 wave tree mount version are:

Although the "center-fed" 1/2 wave antenna does not have the greatest low
angle gain, it is a very simple to make antenna, and although it does have about
1-5 db less low angle gain than other antennas that I make, its simplicity has
many benefits which include:

  • Ease of construction, due to few parts needed
  • Cheap to make, due to few parts needed
  • Due to the natural low impedance of the antenna, when "center-fed" It
    needs no matching network, which in turn improves efficiency, and the
    bandwidth of the antenna (if large and highly conductive conductors are
    utilized), and no heat build up to worry about, due to again no matching
    system needed (meaning it will take all the power your coax can
    handle.., if the right conductors are used).

  • Its made to be tree mounted, so it also saves on the expense of not
    needing a mast or tower.
Simple 1/2 wave antenna
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