About Big Hairs CB Radio Antennas
About Big Hair's CB Radio Antennas:
Big Hair Antennas is based out of Greenfield, Indiana.  Big Hair has both military and civilian RF and antenna technician/engineering experience.

Specialized in the design and engineering of highly efficient Ham Radio and 11 meter vertical antennas, using heavy duty and low loss Hi-Q components.

Big Hair initially became interested in wireless communications at age 9, listening to his grandfather (his handle was "Boss Man"), transmit on his C.B.
radio from Terre Haute, Indiana all the way to Texas and boy did I think that was cool!

Big hair got his first Amateur Radio Ham License and passed his Morse code test at age 13.  Back then, you started out with the novice class, and 5 wpm
Morse code was a requirement.

Big Hair got his Technician Plus license at age 14, but soon later, took a break from the hobby (too many high school chicks preoccupying his attention ..

Big Hair later got back into the hobby while in the US Army, at age 21, and got his General Class FCC license, so he could operate the US Army MARS

Big Hair's wireless communications work experience includes both a civilian and U.S. Military background, which includes working at Sprint PCS for two
and a half years as a RF Network Engineer where his job responsibilities included the building, expanding, and troubleshooting of Sprint's wireless
networks and affiliated equipment.  Big Hair also has 6 years of U.S. Military experience to include 4 years in the US Army Signal Corps, in addition to 2
years in the National Guard Signal Corps as a RF Communications Technician, specializing in the setting up and troubleshooting of US Army wireless
communication networks, with an emphasis on the US Army's cellular phone and voice/data networks and associated mobile subscriber equipment.

While in the US Army he was stationed at Ft Gordon, Georgia; Darmstadt, Germany; and Fort Riley, Kansas.

While in the National Guard, he was stationed at Kansas City, KS, and most recently at Anderson, Indiana.  Anderson, Indiana is the Indiana National
Guard’s main Signal Corp Headquarters and Alpha Company is currently deployed in IRAQ.
About Big Hair's CB Antennas
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