Wilson 5000 Mobile Antennas
Wilson 5000 Mobile Antennas
Per the manufacturer the Wilson 5000 Antenna design specs are as follows:
Wilson "5000" Specifications  

High Power Ability To Handle 5,000 Watts AM,
20,000 Watts SSB (ICAS)
Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
6 gauge solid copper silver-plated wire
Exclusive low loss coil design
62" 17-7 PH Tapered spring stainless steel whip
Frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz
Weather Channel Ready
Available in Roof Top, Trunk Lip, or Magnetic Mount
Removable coil for safe storage & garage entrance
Weather Cap included to protect mount when coil is removed
2 year warranty

Wilson 5000 antennas for their size, perform very well!  Wilson and us are the
few out there that actually make their antennas with silver plated coils.  Silver
is the best material you can use for RF performance and gain!

For more antenna performance, see how we
upgrade Wilson 5000 Antennas
Wilson 5000 Mobile CB Antenna
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