How CB Radios and Antennas Work
How CB Radios and Antennas Work

Our antennas are designed for CB Radios which operate on the 11 meter band.  The
should have a very low SWR match in the 27mhz band, but can be retuned for 10 meters
and although not guaranteed, sometimes as far down as 12 meters (24 mhz).  The
collinear, due to its phasing relationship, will most likely not be able to be tuned below
26,500 mhz with a SWR below 1:1.2 Standing Wave ratio.  Once the signal is captured by
the antenna, due to its design, it will effeciently capture and transfer the receive signal
through the transmission medium, where the signals is transferred to the CB Radios
SO-239 UHF female connector.  Inside the CB Radio, the SO-239 Connector is mounted to
the body of the radio for a common ground point, and a center wire connects to the center
of the female connector, inside CB Radios.  This signal is sent to a low signal diode
detector which begins to rectify the signal, prior to being sent to the low signal receive
amplifier stages.  It is also fed into an advance Audio Stage, to amplify the audio loud
enough, to be heard loudly through the radios large audio speaker or enough to produce
audible audio via an external speaker..  This is just the basic fundamentals in regards to
Two-Way Radios and antennas.

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