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Big Hair's High Performance CB Base and Mobile Antennas:

(We can upgrade your existing IMAX 2000 for even higher performance)
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We are offering IMAX 2000 Upgrades

In addition to making our Top Performance CB antennas, we can also "upgrade" your existing IMAX 2000
fiberglass antenna,  or any 5/8 wave fiberglass base antenna, to offer you more performance!  We can
upgrade them to have "higher gain" and "handle more power".  We redo them with better coils and taking
out the small wire/puny wire conductors inside the fiberglass, and replacing them with larger copper (or
better yet, silver plated copper) heavier gauge wire inside the fiberglass sections, and installing more
efficient and heavier duty coils.  In addition to the upgraded coil and wire element, inside the fiberglass, we
can also add a more effective "horizontal" ground plane kit.   Check out the
IMAX 2000 comparison link   to
illustrate the differences.

Silver-Plated Antennas and Coils Available

We are now offering High Performance"silver plated" antenna elements, as well as silver plated
coils/inductors.  Although silver-plated copper is more expensive than copper, silver is the highest
performing Radio Frequency material on earth!  At RF frequencies, power/electricity only travels on the
surface of the conductors, so silver plating the antenna wires and coils/inductors offers "optimum"
performance.  Silver is recommended for Antenna High Performance, as silver is  the "BEST" "low-loss"
most efficient metal on earth, esp with RF.  Copper is second, third is gold, brass, and down the list is
aluminum followed further down by tin, chrome, and steel.  Copper is the second best conductor, however
silver can also take more abuse, more heat, more voltage/current without damage, and is less prone to
arc, than the comparable sized copper material.  Silver-plating also lasts much longer than just 100%
copper, as it helps protect the copper from oxidizing or corroding..  Silver oxidizes slower, so surface
coating copper also protects the copper underneath it.  The most amazing property however, is that even
when or if silver does oxidize, that oxidation itself is still highly conductive, so it doesn't really matter!  
Meaning, normal metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass.., when they corrode, rust, oxidize, or
whatever, it's surface loses its conductivity (rust is not conductive), as such their surface oxidation is not
conductive.  However only silver's oxidation itself is also highly conductive!  An amazing electrical property

Latest News: 11 meter Collinear part production (50' antenna shown)

I am the only antenna designer and builder out there that I know of, that has ever made (or even attempted)
to make a "collinear" antenna!  Its a 50' (thats right 50 foot) 11 meter ground plane antenna, that is actually
"two" highly efficient 5/8 wave (.64 wavelength to be more precise) antennas in one that are actually
vertically stacked and phased together to "double" the gain of my 5/8 wave antennas.   Keep in mind, my
regular sized 5/8 wave antennas are already more efficient and already offer more performance/gain than
other 5/8 wave antennas out in the market today, so doubling that gain is quite an impressive feat!  Often,
this omni-directional ground plane has been known to outperform 3 element beams (but unlike the beam it
receives and transmits and puts them on "hold"  in "all" directions at the same time)!   I may start offering
these 50' antennas next summer, after more long-term structural testing is done.
My goals with all my C.B. antennas include all but not limited to the

Concentrating on a low angle of radiation
Higher gain and Efficient antenna matching designs
The ability to handle "lots" of power
High Performance "Silver-Plated" CB Antennas
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